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25 for 25 launched

Today we launch 25 for 25...

“What’s 25 for 25” we hear you ask?

Let us tell you….

Over the next 25 days (starting tomorrow 1st October), we will be putting 25 unique items up for auction.

One a day, each morning, we will put out details, and each auction will close at 9pm (unless stated). If matching bids are recieved as the clock hits the deadline, the auction will be extended for 15 minutes for those with the equal bids only.

Each item, we are hoping will be unique in its own way, it may be a piece of equipment from a former player, a game-worn jersey, or flights to New York (we wish!) but each prize will be special.

There will be two ways to bid, you can follow the updates and submit your bid on Twitter via the new @Support25Calder account. Nice and easy.

Or you can submit a private, “sealed” bid by emailing with the maximum amount you want to bid. If you wish to remain anonymous this is obviously the best way to bid. We guarantee this will be respected.

We will update on Twitter each day as to the status of each item.

The winner of each item will need to pay, via the Just Giving site within 24 hours of winning the item. Again there is the option when you do this to remain anonymous should you wish.

We need donations/pledges of items from anyone that is prepared to help or give something up that they feel they can live without.

If you work for British Airways and you can gives us those two flights to New York - great!

We have a certain number already pledged, and the club have certain things we can do, but we need more. The items don’t have to be hockey related.

Please, please, please do not take offence if we do not take you up on offers of donation, we are looking for the very best we can get to help Adam to the maximum amount possible.

To pledge/donate an item please email

Many thanks