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A message from the Chairman: Andy Buxton

Firstly, I want to thank the hundreds of you who came to the Skydome last night and persisted with the incredibly abnormal conditions down on the ice. When we were scheduling the pre-season games we were aware it wasn’t the ideal time to play this reverse fixture with Manchester, but it was the only date option available to us so we pushed ahead with it.

The conditions, as a club we could do nothing at all about, Planet Ice were working their socks off to try to combat the mist and condensation in the arena, but at times they were fighting a losing battle. They are now looking to bring in additional temporary dehumidification machinery to minimise the chance of more fog and clouds in the Arena on Sunday.

There was very little anyone could do with the weather conditions being incredibly abnormal for this time of the year – lots of ice arenas, not just ours, have their hands full trying to cope! Both the Arena and ourselves want to thank the players and coaches for completing the game, but also a huge thank you to the all of the fans for being so understanding about the situation. It’s not often you see an arena with its very own rain cloud, raining at centre ice!

The Arena Management have also asked us to pass on their thanks :-

“Planet Ice Coventry would like to thank all fans and players for bearing with us through last night’s game. In anticipation of the external weather conditions, dehumidification and air handling equipment was hired in to control the internal conditions. Strict controls were also put in place regarding external access to the Arena during the run up to the game and we’d like to thank both the Coventry Blaze and Manchester Storm organisations for actively assisting us with this.

“Unfortunately the combination of high external temperatures and a very high humidity level across the Midlands meant that we still suffered from condensation inside the venue on the night. While the external conditions that we encountered last night are fortunately very rare during hockey season, when they do occur they are very difficult to control even with additional equipment being brought in. We’d like to assure fans that we are working flat out to dry the venue out and bring the conditions within the Arena back under control in time for Sunday’s game. Once again we thank the fans for their patience and the players and officials for their understanding and good humour in difficult conditions.”

We look forward to Belfast on Sunday now, and I can’t wait. It’s a huge game so early in the league season and we all really want to get the new Danny Stewart era off to a positive start

Belfast are always tough to play against, but our pre-season in the main has been a positive experience and served its purpose well. Danny and James’ recruitment looks to have brought us some fantastic players to join a really solid returning core and I hope this team excites you all as much as it does me.

It’s so important for us that the fans are loud and proud on Sunday and get behind Danny and all the guys. When its noisy in the Skydome, it’s like having an extra guy on the ice, and this week, as most weeks, we will need the crowd to play their part. After what we’ve seen during pre-season and against Nottingham in the Cup last Sunday, I know you won’t disappoint!

It’s a long season in front of us, and we start together on Sunday.