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Adam Calder trust fund for fundraising

Since Adam Calder's untimely passing, there has been a tremendous amount of positive thinking with regard to raising funds through a variety of innovative activities. 

Adam was the consummate father, he doted on both Madison and Chase, and before his death he set up a trust fund that would ensure they would be provided for in a number of ways, to give them opportunities that he would have ensured had he still been here. 

He was keen that the children would be able to visit their family in Canada on a regular basis, experience school trips and the like, provide for sporting participation, and even support the longer-term future in enabling them to take up education opportunities.

Having this fund set-up was extremely important to Adam, and as a club, we ask that any fundraising initiatives carried out in his honor be directed to the fund in order to maintain the legacy that he was so keen to put in place. 

Many will be aware of the outstanding care that Adam received from Macmillan Nurses and it is proposed that if those raising funds wish to support them at the same time, that a 80/20 percent ratio be used.

Adam's fund is independently administered by trustees and his solicitor/legal representatives.

We would ask that those wishing to raise funds, or contribute to the fund please contact Dave Adey in the first instance (

On behalf of Adam, the family and Dave.

Thank you.