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Blaze of present & past celebrate Graduation

The Genting Casino Coventry Blaze were proud to see current British players Ross Venus and David Clements, plus former imports Brian Stewart (now of Guildford Flames) and Matt Marquardt (Sheffield Steelers) officially celebrate graduation from Coventry University.

In addition, current defenceman Kevin Noble, plus Josh Godfrey and Robin Bergman have successfully completed master’s degrees but were unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony.

Former Captain Ashley Tait has also been awarded with a Honorary Master of Arts and we congratulate Ashley for the deserved recognition.

Since 2002, the Blaze have held a prosperous, and long-standing relationship with the Coventry University Business School allowing many players throughout those years to combine study with playing.

The partnership has proved crucial to the club’s recruitment and has allowed many players to take an important step in enhancing their career prospects once their playing days are over.

You can read more about the partnership, here.

With a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and research programmes in a wide variety of academic areas, at Coventry Business School they strive to provide a dynamic and enterprising educational experience for all their students.

WATCH NOW: Blaze at Coventry University



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