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Blaze team up with Hockey Fights UK

It’s tough with no Elite League hockey to watch isn’t it?

We’ve seen the Tweets, read your emails and received phone calls telling us so. We share your frustration and the end of August can’t come quick enough for all of us! 

We wondered how we could help get you through the off-season and so we spoke to our friends at @HockeyFightsUK and asked “What have you got for Blaze fans - Something a bit special?” Paul Simpson (HockeyFightsUK) came back to us and didn’t disappoint!

A two-hour compilation of Blaze fights and misdemeanours from 2003 – 2015!

Now we know two hours is a long time, but it’s a long summer and there was an awful lot of material. 

We think it’s worth watching, not only to see the skirmishes but to re-live some great memories, some great old names and numbers and if you look closely you will see some familiar faces down by the benches and in the crowd!

We hope you enjoy and thanks again to Paul Simpson @HockeyFightsUK