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"Confident" Lola post-game with DiscoStew

A year ago almost to the day our junior reporter Lola stole the show carrying out her first on-ice interview with Drew Fisher following victory over the Nottingham Panthers (see here).

Since, amongst other things Lola has helped us to announce the signing of Marc Cantin, interviewed #28 Matt Marquardt and introduced the 16/17 Blaze roster in her own unique fashion.

Tonight, following the game vs. Fife Flyers Lola took the mic again on-ice, interviewing #74 Liam Stewart:

Blaze Media Manager Rob Plaister commented, "What can I say really? The progression of the timid little girl who interviewed Drew to the one we saw with Liam tonight is quite remarkable. As a club, we are proud to help inspire youngsters, in many a capacity. This is just one of many great stories."

Lola's Mum, Jenny Luckman said, "When Rob invited Lola to interview Drew Fisher following the picture of her cheering for his goal I didn't think she would go through with it. She was such a shy girl who would only talk to very few people. She was really nervous but we talked about how lucky she was to have been given the opportunity. Since that day she has been a different girl. She found a confidence that has moved into all areas of her life. She started to be more vocal at the hockey and loved starting chants. She also started having confidence to put her hand up in the classroom in school and take part in class discussions. The hockey in general has given us some quality family time. We all used to do our own things but now we have a dedicated family day. She loves writing her blog and thinking of questions to ask players. Mike (Dad) and I are extremely proud of her - she is passionate and puts effort into everything she does. The difference in her over the space of this year has been remarkable and we are excited to see how she develops over the next season."