Coventry Blaze game-worn jersey sponsorship

The Coventry Blaze are offering you the opportunity to be the official sponsor of an Elite Series player jersey.

Should you become the sponsor of a home player jersey, you will receive the game-worn shirt used in home games one, two, four & five in the Elite Series.

Should you become the sponsor of an away player jersey, you will receive the game-worn shirt used in the exhibition game and away games one, two and four of the series.

All jerseys will be delivered with an official certificate of authenticity.

Your name will also be listed as an official jersey sponsor on our website.

The jerseys will be washed and cleaned.

Home and away jerseys used for the other games will be raffled after the series has concluded.

Thank you for your continued support.





#1 Jordan Hedley Crazy Crew Ellie-Jo Cole
#11 Austin Mitchell-King Sophie Hunt Mitchell Machine Tool Services
#14 Alex Forbes Stuart Gibb Crazy Crew
#16 Sam Duggan Crazy Crew Matthew Simpson
#18 Nick Jermain  Helen Pegler  Jess Lyons
#19 Luke Ferrara Michael & Rebecca Rob Plaister
#21 Chris Pohlkamp Gemma Byard Andrew Fox
#23 Paul Swindlehurst Esme Rattigan Jeffrey Fielder
#24 Ivan Antonov Joe & Annie Christopher Beal
#27 Cole Shudra Craig Summerton Jordan West
#33 Nicolai Bryhnisveen Chris and Ray Lewis Sarah and Richard Merkl
#34 Simen Andre Edvardsen Thomas Lockie Tom Rune Edvardsen
#37 Toms Rutkis Alex Davis Daniel Weaver
#39 Sam Russell Emma Bates  Beth Armour
#40 Will Bray Emma Bates Christopher Brammer
#43 Max Krogdahl Dan Potter  The Youern Family
#50 Shane Owen Nigel Plowman Christopher Pryke
#58 David Clements Christopher Pryke Johnny Reay
#59 Ross Venus Rob Plaister James Wallace
#62 Janne Laakkonen Alex Redford  Dawn and Victoria Weaver
#71 Tristan Keck David Hood Chris Pritchard Wilkes
#90 Mike Hammond Joe Gilsenan Luke Strauss
#95 Mac Howlett James Kane David Kingswell