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Clements visits Lola's Stoke Primary School

Genting Casino Coventry Blaze defenceman David Clements visited Stoke Primary School earlier this week to deliver an assembly about the importance of being active, getting into the game of ice hockey and helping to promote the Blaze.

Blaze’s junior reporter Lola Luckman, who is a student at the school introduced the assembly and even taught her school friends a chant.



To begin the session, Lola gave a brief explanation of how she became a fan of the Blaze and expressed her enjoyment for the game and spending time with her Mum, Dad and hockey family each weekend. She told her classmates about meeting the players and how friendly they are and about being part of the media team.

David Clements then took to the stage describing his route in to the sport, expressing how important it is for the children to find something that will not only keep them active but that they enjoy and will give their all for. The Contribution to the Community award winner of 2016/17 then went on to ask for a volunteer to try on a full ice hockey kit, whilst explaining what each item of equipment is for.

Following that, students were invited to ask questions, of which there were many thoughtful, funny and enjoyable.

The main aim of the Blaze assemblies is to raise awareness that there is a fun and exciting sport on people’s doorsteps. The club work hard to encourage children to try the sport, particularly to get involved in the Planet Ice sessions that are offered at the Skydome Arena on Wednesday evenings.

On his important role leading school assemblies, Clements said, “It is really important to make sure young people are aware that ice hockey is accessible locally. There are more sports out there than the traditional options and we want to see new British players coming through the ranks, so going into schools is a good way of reaching a potential new audience. Also it is always great to see new supporters at the Skydome cheering on the Blaze.”

Lola Luckman, who was extremely excited to talk about her favourite sport at her school commented, “I always talk about the ice hockey and my blog so it was really nice that everyone was really interested. When David asked the children to put their hands up if people had been to an ice hockey game, I was sad that not many people put their hands up. I hope that now lots of my friends from school now come to the Skydome.”

Dale Buckland, Ticket and Promotions Executive from the Blaze who is responsible for liaising with the local schools said, “The work that both David and Lola do representing our club is fantastic so when we had the ability to have them work together we jumped at the chance. As a club we are very proud of Lola’s bravery, standing up in front of hundreds of her school mates to introduce the session. I would like to thank Stoke Primary for allowing us to hold an assembly there.”

Have a Blaze assembly at your school!

If you are involved with, or know a school who you think would like to see the Coventry Blaze in one of their assemblies, please contact Dale Buckland on