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Club Statement re: Social Media Postings

The Genting Casino Coventry Blaze will always encourage constructive discussion, debate and feedback about the club and the Elite League on social media channels.

However, as an organisation we will not tolerate social media communications which are clearly inappropriate and offensive towards any member of the club or which go beyond the realms of an acceptable nature. Personal insults or comments that show little regard for the well being of any member of the club are simply not acceptable

It’s often easy to post an opinion on social media channels without a second thought given to any possible consequences or the well being of the person to whom it may be directed.

We would encourage all supporters to please consider that any post on any platform becomes a public record, whether intended as something light-hearted or not, posts which might appear harmless to you, could be construed as offensive by others, or have a severe impact on the well-being of others.

The Blaze reserve the right to, have, and will, deny entrance to our games to any individual who does not show consideration of the above.

Here are some useful tips we encourage you to consider when using social media:

 1) Recognise that social media communications are on the record. Social media communications are instantly published and available to the public and they can be captured digitally and archived. Not only might your posts impact negatively on others, but also consider their impact on yourself. Deleting something doesn’t mean it disappears. Posting something that you later regret will likely have a detrimental effect on your own well-being and might impact your relationship with others. 

 2) Take responsibility for your comments. You are personally responsible for any social media communications you post.

3) Respect your audience. All social media communications should be respectful to other individuals

4) Pause before posting. Use your best judgement. If you have to pause before posting your communication, then err on the side of caution by not posting it. Remember that there are always consequences to what you post. Again, ultimately you are solely responsible for your social media communications.

5) Consider your motivation for posting. Would your message be better delivered via another avenue? Whilst social media is an excellent way to interact with club's, might, for example a particular message of feedback, good or bad, be better sent directly to the club, in any number of ways. The Blaze door is always open to our supporters (from owners through to players). Social media isn't necessarily always the best place to have your voice heard or get a particular point across.