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Danny the Caddy for Matty's bandits

As many of you will know, on Tuesday 20th June, former Blaze stars Matty Soderstrom, Tom Watkins, Adam Calder and Jim Mills (Matty’s brother-in-law) are attempting the Macmillan Cancer Support Longest Day Golf Challenge.

The challenge is to play 72 holes of golf, walking all 4 rounds – that’s around 25 - 30 miles!!

A difficult enough task as it is - but imagine being the caddy?! The guy who has to carry all of the bags and sticks and still try to offer moral support as the miles head over the 20 mark.

Step forward Blaze Head Coach Danny Stewart.

That's right, "Matty's Bandits" have twisted the arm of the their former teammate who will take on the role of "Danny the Caddy" for Adam Calder on the day.

Being made Macmillan Cancer Support's Golfers of the week on announcing their participation, the Blaze group are aiming to raise £1,000 at the very least for taking on the marathon golf challenge.

The guys will tee off at 6am on Tuesday 20th June at Stoneleigh Deer Park golf course.

You can donate to support Matty, Danny, Calds, Tommy and Jim by clicking on the link below - every amount counts!