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SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Cooper Solutions Limited

In the second of our Sponsor Spotlight's, we speak to one of our longest reigning partners, Cooper Solutions Limited.

Cooper Solutions has developed a range of web-based products enabling car dealers to improve internal processes, resulting in better performance and profitability.

Their solutions include: fleet management with daily rate insurance cover, performance forecasting and financial management, used car stock management, electronic appraisal, and online trade vehicle auction.

You can find out more about the company on their Blaze Partner Profile page, HERE

1/ What is your business called?

Cooper Solutions Limited

2/ How long have you been sponsoring the Blaze?

The first player we sponsored was Michael Tasker, I believe in 2003. 

3/ Why do you sponsor the Blaze?

Our family has loved the team, the game and the atmosphere since we first saw a match at the Skydome in 2002. It became something we all did together, coming to home games and travelling often to see Blaze play Panthers, Steelers and Devils in their rinks.

4/ What have you sponsored this season?

This season, we are sponsoring #21 Jake Hansen and have taken four season ticket seats. We have sponsored some great players over the years and Jake looks as if he will continue that trend with his speed and stick play. Vallerand last year was exceptional, our favourite would have to be Mike Egener though, a fantastic guy, great player and who will ever forget him putting Lepine through the players entrance door!

5/ What are your highlights or best memories of being a sponsor for our club?

So many games come to mind, many of them in the early years, league and cup winning performances. Even losing the Challenge Cup Final in a second leg classic in Cardiff when Barrie Moore broke his stick as he hit the bar in a penalty shoot out loss, was a great memory.

More recently the Ross Venus goal to see us go 3-0 up against Steelers in the play off final was a never to be forgotten moment. In the early days we expected success, that play off win was against the run of things, so even more satisfying and memorable.



On a personal note standing on the bench with Thommo for a home game v Basingstoke as a coach for the day was a real highlight. Blaze were 2-0 down in under 10 minutes so Thommo held an expletive laden time out (as you can imagine) which quickly led to a third goal for the Bison! His mantra had been show them some respect, which the team duly did and eventually won 6-3. Those were the days of Calder, Carlson and Martin amongst several other greats, all of whom were as friendly and approachable as the current and more recent teams.

And lastly, mention of Adam Calder reminds me how life can seem so unfair, how much pleasure he gave every fan who watched him play and how we should all do what we can to support the foundation set up in his name. A great player, father and man, gone too soon.

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